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Trigger Point Injections Specialist

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Overly stressed or chronically tense muscles can be a source of pain and muscle spasms. At NovaSpine Pain Institute, with offices in Sun City West, Sun City, Gilbert, and Glendale, Arizona, the medical experts offer many innovative treatments to help you get relief from your pain and offer trigger point injections to ease your painful muscle knots. Call the office to schedule an appointment today or use the online contact form.

Trigger Point Injections Q & A

What are trigger point injections?

At NovaSpine Pain Institute, trigger point injections are used as a pain management tool to help reduce muscle discomfort and spasms that develop when your muscles become overly tense or stressed and are unable to relax.

Your painful muscle knot, also referred to as a trigger point, can irritate the nerves surrounding the muscle and cause pain in other areas of your body, called referred pain. You might be able to feel the muscle knot under your skin.

The trigger point injection contains a local anesthetic and a steroid that, when injected directly into the muscle, helps it relax to relieve the pain and muscle spasms.

Am I a good candidate for trigger point injections?

Your doctor at NovaSpine Pain Institute determines if you would benefit from trigger point injections during a consultation. 

The pain management treatment can benefit you if you’ve developed muscle knots in your back, legs, arms, or neck, and your pain medication and/or physical therapy have failed to get you relief.

Trigger point injections could also be suggested as a treatment for fibromyalgia or if you suffer from chronic tension headaches.

What can I expect during trigger point injections?

Your doctor does your trigger point injections at the office. Depending on the area being treated, your doctor will have you lie down or sit during the procedure. Once the trigger point has been identified, your doctor inserts the needle into the muscle and injects the medications.

The entire procedure takes just a few minutes, and your doctor can, if needed, administer several injections during one visit. 

You should feel an immediate improvement in your pain, and the steroid should prolong the relief by reducing muscle and nerve inflammation.

There’s no downtime following your trigger point injection. However, your doctor could suggest that you limit strenuous activity for a few days following your injection(s).

For long-term relief, your doctor at NovaSpine Pain Institute will probably suggest a series of trigger point injections along with continued physical therapy to prevent further muscle tension.

Muscle knots can be a significant source of pain. With trigger point injections, the pain can be sent packing. To learn more about trigger point injections, call the NovaSpine Pain Institute office or use the online contact form.