2022 Neighborhood Favorite!


Sun City West, AZ- NovaSpine Pain Institute has been named to the winning list of Nextdoor’s 6th annual
Neighborhood Favorites, an awards program recognizing local businesses committed to helping their
neighborhoods thrive. Winners of the 2022 Neighborhood Favorites were determined based on the number
of neighbor recommendations a local business receives on Nextdoor across various categories.
“On Nextdoor, small businesses are a trusted and core member of the community. These local businesses go
above and beyond to make their neighborhoods a kind, welcoming place. It is a true honor, and good for
business, to be voted a Neighborhood Favorite by your most loyal customers — neighbors.” said Nextdoor
CEO Sarah Friar.
With more than 55 million business recommendations from neighbors, Nextdoor connects neighbors with
each other and everything nearby.

The complete list of winning businesses in each city is available at nextdoor.com/favorites. Join the
neighborhood network by downloading the Nextdoor app or visiting nextdoor.com.

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