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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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Mar 19th, 2020
Kyphoplasty- Compression Fracture Treatment

A compression fracture is a fracture of a vertebrae where the bone collapses on itself, many times causing height loss and severe pain.   The most common cause of compression fracture is osteoporosis but trauma can cause these fractures as well.

Feb 12th, 2020
Sciatica: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, which branches from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down each leg. Typically, sciatica affects only one side of your body.

Oct 10th, 2019
Chronic Knee Pain

An estimated 12.1 percent of the U.S. population (nearly 21 million Americans) age 25 and older have osteoarthritis and knee joints are where this can commonly be seen.

Oct 10th, 2019
Cannabidiol (CBD)

It is almost difficult to pick up a newspaper or magazine today without seeing three letters, C B D. 

Oct 10th, 2019