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Kyphoplasty- Compression Fracture Treatment

A compression fracture is a fracture of a vertebrae where the bone collapses on itself, many times causing height loss and severe pain.   The most common cause of compression fracture is osteoporosis but trauma can cause these fractures as well.  NovaSpine offers a procedure known as Kyphoplasty to help with the severe pain associated with compression fractures.

Kyphoplasty is vertebral augmentation for compression fractures designed to aid in the improvement of pain related to the fracture.  It is a minimally invasive procedure where a cement mixture is injected into the bone to give it strength.  A small hole is made through which a narrow tube is passed.  Using a special x-ray device called fluoroscopy to guide the correct position, the tube creates a path to the fracture.

A special balloon is inserted through the tube and into the vertebrae and gently inflated.  This elevates the fracture returning the pieces to a more normal position and creates a cavity inside the vertebrae.  The balloon is removed and the cavity is filled with a cement like material that hardens quickly, stabilizing the bone and reducing pain.

The procedure is done in the procedure room in the office with sedation provided by a member of our anesthesia team.  After the procedure, the patients will go to the recovery room and will be monitored until they are ready to go home. There is no hospital stay required.

The patient will then have a follow up visit one week after the procedure and at the one month and three month mark to follow the relief and progress.

If you or a loved one have been told you have a compression fracture, please contact our office immediately.  We will get you in for an evaluation many times that day or the next business day as we realize the extreme pain that you are experiencing and want to help you back on the road to recovery.

Shauna Papa, RN Shauna Papa has been working with Dr. Baker as his nurse for 3 years now. She enjoys working closely with him to develop plans of care to help people in pain. Her favorite aspect of her job is seeing her patients return to their lives after receiving relief from debilitating pain conditions. She participates yearly in Pain Week in Las Vegas where she keeps up on all of the the latest advancements in pain management. Prior to working in pain management, Shauna worked extensively in trauma and emergency medicine both in the Phoenix area, and in Denver. In her time away from the office, Shauna enjoys spending time with her husband Randy and their 3 dogs Shilo, Ozzy and Baxter. She is a football fan and in keeping with her Denver roots, is a Denver Bronco super fan.

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